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01-15-2013, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Buddy The Elf View Post
A) The emergence of Voynov happened last year. Martinez the year prior. There were no guarantees either one would be better than Hickey then. Fast forward to a year later and Hickey has been surpassed on the depth chart and he is now waiver eligible. DL realistically had this past summer with an impending lockout looming to do something. The fact that he wasn't moved then and waived now should tell you everything you need to know what kind of value he had. He had to waive him because there is no room for him on the roster for him. Why would you assume somebody is going to want Hickey in two weeks if they don't want him now? Even if a player gets hurt, teams will more than likely give their own prospects a shot for free or trade for somebody with experience rather than trade assets for a waiver eligible former first rounder with 0 NHL games. If a team traded for him, THEY HAVE to put him on the roster or risk losing him via waiver like the Kings did. Why would any team gamble assets on a guy who is 5 years removed from drafting and has played 0 NHL games?

B) Drewiske has proven he can play at the NHL level when needed. He has 100% more experience at the NHL level than Hickey has and has a different skillset. One that the Kings need the most right now. I don't know anything about the other guy but unless he really impresses in camp, he'll probably get waived as well assuming he is waiver eligible.

You guys are acting like DL left money on the table. There is no room fo Hickey on the roster and clearly if he was waived, he had little to no value and I doubt that occured overnight.
A) As I said, guys get hurt all the time. Besides, as others have mentioned, they may have been holding out knowing had to waive Hickey. If he didn't, there might have been trade value.

Besides, DL should have cut bait no later than the start of last season when Voynov made the team over Hickey. We had multiple D-men on the pro rosters (I beleive 8 when everyone was healthy). I do not agree with your assessment that Hickey held no value either, but neither of us can prove that so let's just leave that as is.

B) Drewiske has proven he can play the role of Peter Harrold 2.0, that's it. ANd of course Drewiske has 100% more experience than Hickey. He also has 100% more expereince than Nail Yakupov too. That means nothing in terms of actually ability. If Hickey can't even do what Drewiske does, then I retract all of my statements about Hickey and gladly except the fact he's gone. Hell, if he can't sit in a press box 75 games a season and play about 13 minutes a game the rest of the time, then Hickey should have been cut years ago. When it comes to Drewiske it has little to do about skillset and a lot to do about a guy who can jump in and eat a few minutes without getting destroyed out there. He's not doing anything other than giving the other 5 D-men a chance to suck on a water bottle. He's not filling in for anyone in particular, and certainly not Mitchell.

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