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01-15-2013, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by giddy up View Post
Why wouldn't the isles buy out Dipietro?

you can't buy out a player who is injured. DP is miraculously not hurt right now. He will get hurt this year at some point and if its bad Isles can't buy him out. I know we need him for the cap floor this year but if we buy him out today he will still be on the cap for this year. I know Isles never spend to the cap but we might want to some time in the next 10 years so buy him out now and be done with it. Isles have a young team with a bright future and don't need the albatross contract prohibiting them from making moves in 2016.
. There's huge risk even if it was a player who is 100% healthy. A freak accident. Anything. And we pay him for 10 more years and against the cap that could cost us a top free agent in the future. This is a one time get out of jail free card. To make his contract disappear forever. Teams with money wouldn't think twice about it but Wang will never pay rick for the next 18 years for him not to play.

Lets look at it from a hockey perspective only, and tell me if there is any reason not to do this.

Or am I missing something?
Isn't there a very defined timeframe for "normal" buyouts? If the Isles could do a "normal" buyout of RDP - that makes total sense. (As much as $1.5M for the next 18 years makes sense!)

My point is that there is NO chance that Wang "amnesty" buys-out RDP, because in that case he wouldn't get "credit" for the $25+M he'd be paying RDP over the next 18 years against the cap. If Wang's writing a $1.5M check per year, he's going to want to get credit for that against the cap floor.

Hopefully when the Isles make it to Brooklyn, this will stop being an issue. If the Isles were REALLY confident that would change in the near future, it would probably be worthwhile to amensty buy out RDP, but that's a long shot IMO.

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