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from the Hockey Fights page here..

Donald Brashear pull a "Bertuzzi" at LNAH game

From the thread it seems he got a 6 game suspension for this...

Cheap shot, but there's a history behind it...Starts at 0:53

On March 25th, 2011, the 3 L of RDL, team of hockey for which evolves the defendant, play in Center First Tech. After the game, players of Caron and Guay gossip at the side of their bus, behind the arena. At the wheel of his car, Donald Brashear advances slowly, stops in front of Gaby Roch and Éric Labelle, of the opposing team, which are back. “They then turned over, the defendant waits one or two seconds, then release the brakes.

This operation constitutes a threat, an infringement of ways in fact. The two men put their hands on the hood by reflex, to indicate to the driver that what it did was dangerous. Mr. Brashear then moved and exited the car from the other side.The parties did not convince the judge that Éric Labelle had intentionally struck the rear view mirror of the car of Brashear. “The proof shows that there was contact, but not necessarily intentional.” The court does not believe Mr. Brashear when he said he felt threatened and got out to see the damage.

“He got out of his own will, which proves that he was not afraid. When Mr. Labelle told him: “WTF is your problem ? “, he retorts with a violent punch, ask Gaby Roch if he wants some too, go back in his car and leaves without looking at his rear view mirror. It is the defendant who attacked the players with his car and caused the reaction of Mr. Labelle. The punch constitutes the use of an excessive force. The self-defence does not apply.”
Another video of one that doesn't go by "the code"...Same guy..

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