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Originally Posted by rinkrat22 View Post
I would agree with this. I would ask though, who is in possesion of the puck? if your team does and you are the weak side Dman just keep an eye on the guy. if your team is in a position that possesion my be lost cheat a little but I wouldn't go stand near the guy. If it's a situation where its a 50/50 puck cheat a little more, if they are gaining possesion get back and cover them.

Many parts of playing D come with experience, thats why Defensemen take longer to develop.
Good point. If the defending team is in possession of the puck, it is probably better for both defensemen to back off and have your forwards forecheck. However, if your team has possession of the puck then I would hold the strong side boards and allow the weak-side dman to drop back to the bottom of the circle along the red line. The weak-side dman should be ready to immediately jump back into the high slot if a chance for a one-timer is available.

Like you said, playing d is all about experience. Knowing your capabilities as well as your own weaknesses will definitely help.

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