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01-15-2013, 04:32 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
As I said, you nor me can prove anything in regards to tarde value, so i'll just leave this part be. And once again, my main beef regarding trade value was him not being dealt earlier, not so much in the middle of training camp fresh out of a lockout. He should have been traded 2 years ago, not waived yesterday.
It is my opinion that the proof is in the pudding. I don't think DL was leaving money on the table.

Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
But I thought you just said Drewiske has a different skill set? Which is it? He has a different skill set or he can do his job better than Hickey?
Both. Drewiske plays a more stay at home style and is bigger than Hickey. And yes, I am saying the Hickey didn't earn it. If he had, he would have been given a shot before Martinez AND Voynov in the past 2 years. I'll take management's opinion on a player over what a few people on a message board are saying any day. The fact that Hickey was waived would lead most people to believe that the Kings weren't offered anything for him. I think that says

Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post

If you would at lest take the time to read the very post you quoted, you'd see I wrote the following:

"If Hickey can't even do what Drewiske does, then I retract all of my statements about Hickey and gladly except the fact he's gone. Hell, if he can't sit in a press box 75 games a season and play about 13 minutes a game the rest of the time, then Hickey should have been cut years ago."
Sorry I must have overlooked that. But the bottom line is IF managment would have believed Hickey could do what Drewiske could do, he'd still be here. I think it speaks volumes that the three guys on the roster that were kept over Hickey were all drafted after him.

If Hickey can't crack the Islanders roster, then he really don't deserve to be in the NHL. I haven't heard of any of the other guys they are referring to in the thread on the Islanders board so I'd think he at least has a shot.

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