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01-15-2013, 04:41 PM
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Well, if I have it right, it appears Rangers can avoid bubble wrap of Redden, buy out 'now', will cost full amount of remaining 2 years but will come off books after this season.

But if Rangers do that, they get nothing in terms of relief if Redden is paid by any other team, i.e., that salary taken vs. what Rangers cap hit is this season.

However, if Rangers could actually find a taker (which is unlikely without benefit of the above meaning only the new negotiated salary between Redden and a new team would apply), then big IF, but if that were the case, the whole Redden salary cap headache becomes that other team's problem.

However, we would obviously have to pay them to take this problem off our hands.

So the question is which is cheaper?

Buy out Redden now, and have one buy out remaining which cannot be used until next year? {Or is that not the case?}

Or move him if there is a taker, depending upon the cost of such a bribe is?

Seems like now a buy out may be in order.

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