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Originally Posted by r3cc0s View Post
for me... the perfect glove is the evolution of the 9950 -> T90 -> R8 -> Winnwell Pro stock

whoever that designer is, is genius...
being that other than the palm on the Winwell, they're all mirrored gloves... I assume they're made in the same place

but everyone makes a good top line glove...
I do like 4 rolls and liked the 4rollpro, franchise, CCM 850 pro stock, and the aforementioned

Eagles just don't fit me... too tight in the palm area
The lineage of the Winnwell Pro-stock did not start with the Sherwood 9950. It started with the TPS HGT Pro and evolved into the several different iterations of the R8. The guy who was responsible for them eventually ended up with Winnwell(not sure if he did a short stint with Sherwood in between), which is the reason you now have the Pro-stock glove. He is also close friends with Rick Nash, which is why you see Rick Nash "pro-stock" Pro-stock gloves floating around.

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