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Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
Yeah I'm not too sure what Brooksy is talking about. Although, based on the new CBA I think Redden's cap hit in the AHL would be $5.8M or something like that, but I'm not sure what an extra $700k is in terms of buying out a high ticket player like Wade Redden.
I think they are using the compliance buyout for 2013-14+ part of the contract but the Rangers have to wear the full AHL cap hit for 2012-13 season. They Rangers gain no benefit this season apart from being free of his contract ie no longer at risk of Redden injuring himself this season and not being able to be bought out. Meanwhile Redden is free of the Rangers to get on with his life.

I don't have a problem with this so long as the Rangers are on the hook for this seasons hit.

I would be shocked if the NHL-NHLPA allowed both teams to use their compliance buy-outs early. What's stopping Ed Snider from complaining and asking to use one of his buy-outs on Bryzgalov? What about NYI and DiPietro? There are plenty of examples of teams that probably wouldn't mind using that buy-out early, but will end up having to wait until the summer because that's what was agreed upon.
Ed Snider would still be on the hook for Bryz cap hit this year. He might as well play him, it's not like he's AHL bad.

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