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01-15-2013, 05:08 PM
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iRep - Since I'm already playing with house $$ so to speak (as winner of the original Survivor pool), go ahead & pick 1st & I will make my pick after you. If we are still tied after this week, we can then either use the Pro Bowl as tiebreaker, or if by chance we still have a pick to choose from, we can use the Super Bowl as tie breaker.

As an aside......I'm also in a Yahoo survivor pool with folks from work & have used the exact same picks that I have used in ours. Problem is, ours is set up as a "3 strikes and your out contest" so there are still 6 people left!! I'm the only one with 0 strikes, though & our commissioner wants to "carry it over to next season" if there are more than 1 left. And yes, there is $$$$ involved!

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