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01-15-2013, 05:27 PM
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I had a fall during my game Sunday when I was knocked into the goal. No big deal, except my shinguard knee protection didn't quite do what it is supposed to (at least what I think it should cover). I ended up with enough of a bruise to cause an annoyance the rest of the game and two days later it still lingers. Again, it's more of an annoyance than anything else. I'm looking for some suggestions on what to replace my shins with.

Currently, I am in 17" X40s. I should probably wear a 16" with tongues tucked in and 15" with them out. I flirted with the idea of untucking my tongues, but have gone away from this. I am 6'2". The spot where the bruised occurred is the top left of my knee if you are looking straight at it. Basically right on the left outside the knee cap just about in the pocket created next to the knee cap when your leg is extended.

Any suggestions for replacements or is this a freak occurrence and replacing the shins will not really do much?

Wider fit (looking to get away from the profile of the Vapors)
Less than 60$
Some sort of wrap around calf protection as for some reason people like to slash me there.

I have my eyes on the Reebok 7k and would like other suggestions to look into. My LHS's do not have much of a selection otherwise I would go in and try some on.

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