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01-15-2013, 05:29 PM
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Even the worst offer the Habs might contemplate making ($4M?) pro-rated at 48/82 is like $2.3M this year. Which is spread over ~100 paid working days. He's losing $23,000+ per day already. $160k+ per week. After 4 weeks the gap between a $4M face-value salary and a $5M face-value will have been bridged. 1 week is basically gone already. At a certain point it would just be dumb to sit out.

I hope the Habs aren't counting on this. I wouldn't nickel and dime PK. But he also hasn't played this year, like a lot of players have, so this camp time is more important to him than to some players. Working in the gym and skating wherever he has been is one thing. But he's going to be behind the 8 ball when he comes back, disadvantaged relative to most others on the Habs' D (Emelin, Weber, Diaz, Kaberle, Markov have all been playing). At a certain point I have to wonder when it's really worth it. For him and the team. Habs need PK. He needs to play.

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