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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Well, you're probably being sarcastic, but a lot of people aren't when they talk about 2009. I chalk it up to a lot of sour grapes from Wings fans who seem to forget that the team they faced a year earlier in the final, got better and hungrier. I certainly didn't see any bias from the refs in that final in 2009
There was that non-icing call that really messed things up; and the too-many-men noncall for over a minute, iirc.

On a serious note, I don't believe that the Pens could have beaten a healthier Detroit team. Detroit was better in 2009 on paper than 2008. There was that scheduling gaffe where the NHL had said the playoffs would start a week after the last Conference final ended, and then changed their minds. Detroit had about 36 hrs, iirc, between ending with Chicago and starting up the next series. Of course, we always hear about injuries and that both sides play through them, but look at who was injured on the Wings. Lidstrom almost lost a testicle in the previous round and continued to play. Datsyuk missed the first 4 games maybe 5 games (someone can correct me). Hossa was playing with shoulder injury. Rafalski had chronic back pain, which ultimately had him retiring before his contract expired. Cleary had two ripped groin muscles on either side. Those are the ones I remember, but the I think as the series wore on and got tougher, they just ran out of gas. Looking back on it, I'm amazed they got to a game seven. I know Crosby got hurt towards the end, but the loss of Datsyuk would be comparable to the Pens playing at least half the series without Sid, for example.

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