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01-15-2013, 06:40 PM
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The Maniacs are 5th in a 6 team league. Of course, this is a league where the first and last teams are separated by a grand total of 5 points. The Maniacs have also played only one game this year with their complete roster and since the PA tournament have been down 3-5 players for every game (including having lost their #1 goalie during the Christmas break for 4-6 weeks). This isn't a defense of having the Maniacs in the top-5, it's just some perspective. Frankly, this is a weak year for the Saskatoon bantam class. Next year, if the SMHA proposal is accepted by the SHA and combined with a strong 99 base, expect some powerhouse teams. It's cyclical.

That aside, i'm wondering why all the venom directed at WEHP? It's a free website. Who else is providing this kind of service at the bantam level? Yes, there are errors in spelling and scores. And yes, i personally might want more analysis over scoring stats. But it is what it is: a one-man show with limited resources. Those expecting TSN standards or the equivalent to Central Scouting, well, maybe you should give your heads a shake. That's not happening at this level.

As for player rankings being wrong...seriously? For the last couple of years the WEHP first round rankings have actually been fairly accurate. This makes sense since the author follows a Bob McKenzie style of draft analysis by accessing a number of different scouts. Of course, the farther you get away from the first round, the more variance there's going to be. This is a bantam age draft afterall, not the NHL. There isn't a comparable body of work for these players to be judged on, not to mention a huge amount of guess work in growth projections. That's why, unlike the NHL, there's a large amount of later round draft picks (not to mention all those who went undrafted) who make and excel on WHL teams. It's an inexact science. So why is WEHP being held to a higher standard than team scouting staffs, especially considering nothing he says will affect the draft status of your kid or grandkid?

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