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01-15-2013, 06:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Vdhawan89 View Post
I haven't seen one person provide reasoning on why they think Seguin>Hall, other then, "Lolz i watch them both I play and I know Seguin is better."

Skill wise they are virtually equal. Yes, Hall had a 2 freak accidents, but in the games he has played he has been just as good as Seguin, if not better. (scoring at better clip then Seguin).

Originally Posted by J StClair28 View Post
I think that generally stems from the fact that Seguin is a smarter, more aware player than Hall, whereas Hall plays more on a passionate aspect. That's NOT saying Seguin looks like he's floating and doesn't care, but what I mean is Hall is all energy, whereas Seguin is more cerebral.

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