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01-15-2013, 07:27 PM
Johnny Utah
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I love Nolan. If you read back posts, I was hyping him before the call up and I was right on and people gave me props for calling it. The problem is only occasionally fights and isn't a enforcer. He had 2 fights in 25+ regular season games with the Kings and 1 in the playoffs. He never had more than 12 fights in his career (AHL/OHL). He is kinda always like the 2nd/3rd fighter on the team. There was only one year in juniors where he led the team in fights and that with the Greyhounds, where he led them with 12.

A few years ago in the AHL, he was 3rd behind Clune and Justin Johnson in majors. Nolan has admittedly said he doesn't like staged fights so the enforcer role cannot fall on him. That is what bothers me, because if it doesn't fall on him, it falls on Clifford, who has never been the same since the Reaves fight. Nolan is a good fighter though, but we right now run the risk of not even having him on the team because of his two way deal. So all the fighting falls on Clifford. Not good.

Also, please people stop calling Dwight King a fighter. He has 20 career fights in 9 years of professional hockey and no more than 4 in one year. He will fight if he has too, but rarely does. King can throw them if he does, but he is only an occasional scrapper. It's not his game.

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