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It's true that the most negativity you hear is from Meehan. Not sure if he's trying some sort of PR stunt. Could even be that Bergevin and PK himself aren't that far apart and things are going ok, but Meehan is playing the devil on his shoulder. I haven't seen anything of real negative substance from the other two. PK is presumably advised not to tweet or talk about it and Bergevin seemed optimistic and as if it were only a matter of ironing out a few things. Again, this is just how it seems. PK could be holding it up. I think many of us understand that PK wants and very well could get a big contract considering he knows he has leverage and being him, we might act similarly, but the thing that gets me is IF he is insisting on setting up a situation where in the future he's guaranteed big money by ANY team that will pay him (and there will be, although it is unwise to be so cocky about it right now), that would be disappointing. He would be doing that by either pushing the 4 year deal or by asking for a TON of cash long-term with the Habs. Again, this SEEMS to be the strategy his camp is pursuing. Would be nice if he showed this team, the fans that he means what he says about loving Montreal and wanting to play his career here. If that's what you want, understand that forgoing a few million (overall, in the long term) for yourself improves the chances that the team you play on becomes a contender. Do you want a Cup or just more money and "fame"? Problem is we won't know how much of this is actually PK.
Excellent post. A must read.

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