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Originally Posted by J StClair28 View Post
Then why haven't you asked for reasons why Hall is better from the people that chose him? Hall supporters also haven't provided any reasons why Hall is better other than "oh, he scored at a higher PPG rate last year". Yeah, cool, he would have scored 3 or 4 more points in a full season, MAYBE, IF he played a full season. On the other hand, he also could have gone on a cold streak and scored 3 or 4 points less than Seguin. You can't put the burden of proof on just one side, it has to go both ways. Don't expect anyone to provide reasons their argument is correct, if you don't provide reasons yours is.
Hall is a consistent threat throughout the season. Sequin isn't. Go check all the threads breaking them down. The moment Sequin was given more minutes [and ergo, more responsibility], his game floundered and he slowed down dramatically. Hall may not have had a better starting pace than Sequin but he kept it throughout the season [and scored better]. Sequin slowed down significantly

I'm not going to do the math for you. Wheatking has done numerous breakdowns in the past.

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