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Originally Posted by DatBoyJPP View Post
I went to a party of a friend by myself a few days ago. I went at 10pm, got stoned and had some vodka beforehand, and walked in to find some mates to play FIFA. Got myself a seat, very nice, enjoying the game and had some frozen coke with rum. We decided to start a tournament with the mates.

Five minutes into the first game, a large group of teenage girls walk in and sit down directly behind me. They were loud as **** and giggling and whatnot the whole time, and during the match, I distinctly heard one of them whisper "what a ****ing dork" followed by giggling. Pretty sure they made fun of me some more, but I couldn't hear exactly what was said over the match. I was pissed, but my shy ass couldn't bear to confront them. So I sat with it, feeling that it was better to give off an air of "I don't give a **** and/or I don't even hear you" than risk something worse.

Part way through, I had to **** like a beast from the frozen coke with rum. I felt that if I got up and took a ****, then came back and sat down elsewhere, it would reek of cowardice -- or if I came back and sat back right in front of the girls, it would be somehow ridiculous plus they would see my fat, nerdy visage as I returned and walked down the hallway. So I decided to finish the game.

By the time it was nearly the end of the tournament we had, I had to **** so ****ing bad I was in pain. I knew that if I got up and pissed, I would miss the end and it would look like I walked out in cowardice, a coward, having never confronted them. Long story short, since I'm probably approaching the character limit now, I ended up pissing my pants right there playing FIFA. I don't know if the girls noticed, but I walked away from the party with blatant **** stains covering my jeans, probably reeking like an outhouse, getting various looks. Walked back to my car, got back in, lit a cig, started her up, and ****ing cried for miles.
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