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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
So what? All you're really trying to argue here is that MDZ had a better year than PK stat wise, and only last season.
There's a lot more that goes into valuing a player. What about the opposition they faced? Who had tougher minutes? Who had more defensive zone starts? How they react under the pressure (by that I mean facing tougher opponents)? The key situations they're put in (when trailing by a goal or defending a late lead)? Their leadership? The impact they have on their respective teams? Their performance over their whole career as opposed to just last season? Their ceiling potential and how far they from it and if it's reachable? Marketability? The depth on their blue lines (the weaker, than the more valuable they become)?

Your approach is so simplistic that it is flawed. I mean, to hear you out one would say you think MDZ is actually better than PK, and I'm guessing you'd agree this is a crazy idea.

I'm not trying to convince you that MDZ is a better player, I'm trying to make you realize how Marc Bergevin is using MDZ as a fair comparative. Wasn't it obvious?

His ceiling? Bergevin would like to discover it within the next two years.. which is why he would prefer signing Subban to that term. If he deserves the big bucks then he'll be able to sign a richer long-term contract then.

Most of your questions can be answered with the stats I posted. And you're right, we unfortunately don't have many seasons to base our judgment on (in both cases).

Truth is, Del Zotto played better than Subban last year.. and he ended up signing a two-year contract for 2.55M per. What is MDZ's ceiling? Why didn't he sign a 6 year deal at 5M per season?

I'll repeat it again. I'm not suggesting Subban should sign for the same amount as MDZ. I'm putting myself in Bergevin's shoes.. between 3M-3.5M per season for 2 years is reasonable for a second contract. PK has not won a Norris trophy yet, nor has he been nominated, not even close.. yet he wants slightly-under Drew Doughty money?

I've made my point. Good night

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