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Originally Posted by Clarence Beeks View Post
I'll break this down a little easier. Probably the most important response is the last one.

You said this:

I misunderstood "standard" as basic.

You actually might want to consider it, unless you're doing it for the movie channels. If you're doing it for the sports channels (e.g. FSN, etc.), you can get a much lower package and just get the "sports pack" to get every single sports channel. I think it's $10. This, though, is the basic point I was getting at with my first question to you. Believe it or not, I wasn't meaning to be a jerk. I just wanted to know what your rationale was.

That's why I said "if".

This was kind of a dickish way to say this. You made a similar comment earlier, and it's the type of comment that got me fired up in responding to you to begin with.

This is true, but the fact is, they are allocating some of it to the NHL, so you are indirectly giving money to the NHL, regardless of how you want to look at it. It's not as if you can say to Directv "hey, I don't like the NHL, so sequester my money and contribute all of my proceeds to the Oprah Network so that none of it goes to the NHL that I hate". Your point is exactly right in that it all goes into one big pot. It's like paying taxes and trying to claim that you don't help pay for wars.

You answered your own question. Same reason I'm debating this with you. Plus, it's the internet and we're all beyond ready for hockey to actually start. For my part, I apologize. I honestly just wanted to hear your rationale. Admittedly, I set things off on the wrong foot with my first post. That post really wasn't directed at you, personally, but rather everyone expressing that sentiment. It just gets old. I apologize.
Yea, we probably both owe eachother apologies. ****! I just realized they're making us turn on each other! This is what they wanted. Only one way to settle this...

Im sorry man!

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