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01-15-2013, 08:54 PM
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Problem is that do we have to pay for great services to the Habs? Or for potential for years to come? We've paid Gorges, 3,9 M$ per because of how good he's been to the Habs. Yet, it makes no sense to me that a potential like Subban be paid under what Gorges will be making this year. Mind you, I am amongst the ones who believes that Josh was overpaid.

I don't get the hard negotiation though and especially in the Subban camp. People have had enough from the lockout, and then we have to deal with that player-GM lockout. With clearly the idea that Subban is asking way too much. This is Montreal.....takes way less for people to start hating somebody. Can't imagine if he gets what he wants and starts playing badly.....won't be pretty in Montreal. Subban should think about giving himself some experience and then ask for the world. Yet, to make sure everybody is happy, give him 4 years at a cap hit of 4,75 M$. Then, in 4 years, he becomes a 6 M$ d-man for 8 years.

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