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01-15-2013, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by BxN View Post

I'm not trying to convince you that MDZ is a better player, I'm trying to make you realize how Marc Bergevin is using MDZ as a fair comparative. Wasn't it obvious?

His ceiling? Bergevin would like to discover it within the next two years.. which is why he would prefer signing Subban to that term. If he deserves the big bucks then he'll be able to sign a richer long-term contract then.

Most of your questions can be answered with the stats I posted. And you're right, we unfortunately don't have many seasons to base our judgment on (in both cases).

Truth is, Del Zotto played better than Subban last year.. and he ended up signing a two-year contract for 2.55M per. What is MDZ's ceiling? Why didn't he sign a 6 year deal at 5M per season?

I'll repeat it again. I'm not suggesting Subban should sign for the same amount as MDZ. I'm putting myself in Bergevin's shoes.. between 3M-3.5M per season for 2 years is reasonable for a second contract. PK has not won a Norris trophy yet, nor has he been nominated, not even close.. yet he wants slightly-under Drew Doughty money?

I've made my point. Good night
First off all, we don't know if Bergevin is using MDZ as a comparable, but I'm hoping not because he'd get destroyed and laughed at.

Second, potential is always considered when signing a player. Otherwise, there's no freaking way Price is worth 6years at 39M. Not a chance. And PK has outplayed Price, and his potential is just as big, if not bigger.

Third, no, most of these questions are not answered by how many SOG, or HITS or GIV a player has done, nor by goals or assists, not even Time on Ice. Just look at the DD line that was the most used but benefited from more sheltered minutes.

Fourth, you are proving my point that all you did was look at a few stats line and came to the flawed conclusion that MDZ played better than PK. Bottom line is, if MDZ was here instead of PK last season, he would have looked a lot more like Raphael Diaz than PK Subban. But you don't seem to understand this. The reason why MDZ can't get that big deal is because his ceiling is nowhere near Subban's, nor is he the top defender of NYR, not even top 2, he's never been. He's a top 4 guy, you do know this right? He is behind Girardi, Mcdonagh, and Staal on the depth chart. PK is at the very top of ours, and was for 3/4 of his time here.

Fifth, no 3-3.5M for 2 years is an insulting contract. You have guys like Gorges making 3.9M, Kaberle making 4.25, and even Markov, who has barely played in 3years and is still a question mark as to just how good he can be again, making 5.75M. Today, PK is above all these guys, he brings more to the table than every one of them, he's also much younger and has a higher ceiling (Markov is the only one that can surpass him but that's only IF he's back to his prime, but even then, PK might still have a higher ceiling) than all of them. Yet, he's expected to take less cash than all of them. How does this seem fair to you exactly??

You've made your point, and it sucks big time.

Originally Posted by BxN View Post
We bought Gorges UFA years. Slight difference.

If we give Subban a 4-year contract, he then becomes UFA and the problem is WAY bigger!
There is no problem!! What do you want exactly?? To sign PK for peanuts for 2 years, and then get him to sign again for more peanuts, just a bit bigger??
Jesus Christ man, he is your top Dman, he is a top 30 Dman in the league already. Signing him is a no brainer and a must. It will never be a mistake unless he suffers a freak injury or accident or sickness. Otherwise he won't just start playing like crap. Makes no sense at all.

Signing him at 3-3.5M would be an unimaginable steal. It's ridiculous. If I'm PK I don't even accept it, and I'm just a fan of the habs looking in. I can only imagine what he thinks of the offer if that's actual one.

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