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01-15-2013, 10:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Shabutie View Post
Price is better and has a bigger impact. I would even make an argument that Markov will have a bigger impact for our team this year...his presence on the powerplay should exceed what Subban contributed last year. It's great to be solid defensively and put up a few points, but our powerplay wins us games (or at least it used to). Subban has alot to learn from the General.

Right now, he's probably 3rd/4th best on our team in terms of contribution.
I'm truly baffled..

Price can have a bigger impact because he plays goalie. You only have one of them on the ice. If he decides to play like a minor pro back up, then PK can be a superstar all he wants, we'll still lose. So I agree there.
However, Price being better? I disagree. PK is ahead of where Price was at his age, he's outperformed him.

As for Markov, the guy has barely played in 3 years. What you're saying is just wishful thinking. It could very well happen, but there's no way to know. Markov is a huge question mark, you can believe anything you want, you have 0 argument to back up this theory. He's been away for a very long time. Anybody can say the opposite of what you just said and it would be just as credible. Matter of fact, someone can say Markov will likely suffer another big injury and they'd have more arguments than you considering the recent past. So, throwing this idea that he'll be better than PK is meaningless really.
Also, the PP winning us games has always covered up the fact that we were a mediocre team. We got by thanks to it, but when a team was able to shut it down, we'd lose and look horrible. That's not quite the way a team should be built. You know who's a damn good player at ES?? Subban.

This should not be a Price is better than PK, and so is Markov, and so is another player apparently. PK has superstar potential not too far off from his fingertips right now. We need to keep him to keep progressing and be part of our core. Even if he's overpaid, he'll likely end up earning his contract more so than all the other crappier players we overpaid and didn't earn their paychecks.

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