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01-15-2013, 09:53 PM
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Hey D2M, it's better to be in poverty than jail cells, which majority of throwball players find themselves in once in their lives.

I do have a problem with basketball. The sport itself is not bad and is actually quite fun, but I do not respect majority of the players. They all sound like Dany "Effin All-Star" Heatley. And D2M has a point about athleticism. We've seen it many times before, if you have an amazing body, player centre, and a bit of talent; you completely dominate a team sport. Also look at Kobe, they guy has one of the best talent in the sport and is complete ball hog.

Throwball is more terms of athleticism. If you can run fast, jump, and be tough you have a great throwball player. Probably takes the least amount of talent to succeed in besides Quarterback.

Also Hasbro, I find the same thing wrong with throwball fans. They are so effin annoying they ruin the sport whenever I try to watch a game or try to get back into it. Fat Americans getting drunk and getting more fat with buffalo wings.

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