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01-15-2013, 10:01 PM
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Okay, so in addition to all the stuff previously mentioned on this board, I have insanely bad sinus problems in the form of persistent nasal polyps (which are partially responsible for my lack of a sense of smell), as well as a monstrously perforated septum. Neither of these seemed to bother my previous ear nose and throat doctor very much.

I saw a different one today, and after a very brief visit, it was decided that I should have my nasal polyps removed as well as get a septal button installed, provided there is one big enough for my perforation.

So long story short, I will be having my third surgery under general anesthesia in the span of a year in early march.

Boy I bet my insurance provider is proud!

I'm also never going to see my old ear nose and throat doctor again, because this is exactly the procedure I have been asking for for three years.

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