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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
For someone for whom goal scoring "isn't his forte", he sure does seem to score a heck of a lot of them.

Here's a quick poll for folks. This is an unaltered photo of RJ Umberger:

How would you describe the sweater RJ is wearing in this photo? Pick one:
a) RJ Umberger is wearing a dark blue CBJ sweater, in a photo that wasn't lit very well.
b) That is CLEARLY a black sweater RJ is wearing. Therefore there clearly must be such a thing as an all-black CBJ sweater that we have simply never seen before.

I swear, at least half this board would pick (b) and be totally sincere.
(and a sizable portion of the remainder would pick (b) just to try to get my goat, but that's not the point )
c) That's not RJ. That's his evil twin JR Umberger who once played for Dallas. It's hard to recognize him without the cowboy hat.

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