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01-15-2013, 10:47 PM
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Originally Posted by KingCanadain1976 View Post
Again he doesn't have to trade him. Deans already stated hes fine with him being a backup to quick. He will be getting into more games due to the scheduling of back to back games. Quick will need time off. A good backup goalie will proberly determine how high u will be in the standings. Again he was already offered a 1st and brent connelly at the deadline which he turned down due to quick not being signed long term. So lets be real why would he settle for less now. Leaf fans need to realize your not getting him for less then a frist and prospect. If they don't like that look else where. Think about it from a kings point of view you spend alot of time developing him right. He was suposed to be the future goalie of the team then quick comes out of no where plays lights out and takes it away from him. You not going to give him away for less then his value,
I realize that DL doesn't have to trade Bernier, and as it stands he's more valuable than ever to LA due to the shortened schedule and Quicks recent back injury. However, do you really think that a GM covets Bernier that much as to offer a young top six winger AND a first round pick?

It's interesting that you bring up Tampa Bay. McKenzie reported that Yzerman was interested, but other than rumor mongers and hacks who merely suggested a possible return, I saw no credible reports that DL was offered Connolly AND a first. You can't use that as a measuring stick.

LA put a lot of time and resources into developing Thomas Hickey. Look how that turned out.

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