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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
It really boggles my mind mind that after the playoff run the Kings had, rolling 4 capable lines, there are still people talking about the need to dress a goon, you think a 16-4 playoff domination would squash those thoughts, but apparently some people need to get the staged fight high, still.

The Kings are going to roll the same lineup that crushed everyone in the playoffs last year, I hope teams do dress goons against us. The Kings four quality lines will steamroll those teams just like we did in the playoffs.

I swear, it's like some people would love to go back to the days of Kip Brennan, Ryan Flinn, Mark Visheau and Raitis Ivanans instead of what we had last year.
Rangers ran into this problem

Playing three lines (fourth liability) and only Five Defenseman is what killed the Rangers. Those goons are useless in the playoff's

They were gassed in that game Seven.

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