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A question about going to a new market [mod: viability of Saskatoon for a NHL team]

First before I want to start, I want to make sure that this is NOT intended to start a pissing war. I just want to clarify on why some people stand by their opinion, this kind of discussion is all over different threads so it is difficult to keep track.

Keep in mind, I do agree that there are certain markets that deserve a shot at getting a team first, for sure. (Such as Seattle, GTA, QC, for example).

But what I would like to know is why, that there are some people that is absolutely against the idea of a certain place getting a team, and even would consider league contraction before putting a team there.

I am talking about Saskatchewan.

Granted, Sask would end up being the smallest market, but how would that mean they will be worse than some certain existing markets that is bleeding money year after year and people are fighting tooth and nail to convince others that these teams should stay in those markets, and LOL'ed at the idea of Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan may be a small market, but they are booming, growing fast, and have a extremely strong hockey community there and they do have large corporations.

Take the Saskatchewan Roughriders CFL team for example. They are in the smallest market of the CFL league, yet they are one of, if not the top in fan attendance and revenue generation.
I got this info from a forum, which provided a link (which unfortunately is broken)
Saskatchewan - Revenue: $22.9 million; operating expense: $21.1 million; profit: $1.73 million
Edmonton - Revenue: $13.86 million; expenses: $13.63 million; profit: $229,054
Winnipeg - Revenue: $13.1 million; expenses: $13.3 million; loss: $264,000

Again, I should clarify, I don't think Saskatchewan should be one of the first places to consider for relocation or expansion right now. There are other markets that should get them first, like I mentioned earlier. The only question I have right here, is why is Saskatchewan being shot down so fast, dismissed, LOL'ed at, etc. (Or consider reducing teams for the NHL), when Saskatchewan does have a strong economy and does have a considerably larger hockey fanbase when you compare it to some certain markets. Their WHL attendance is comparable to other places considerably larger than them. They even have equal or higher attendance than Seattle or Portland.

I just don't believe that looking strictly at city or metro population is a good indication of a good place to put a team there, because population /= people that would support NHL, which has already been proven in certain markets. Otherwise the Roughriders should be near the bottom in the CFL fan/revenues.

I'm just open for a nice, open discussion, not a pissing contest for "this place is better than yours AINEC"

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