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01-15-2013, 11:21 PM
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Originally Posted by KingCanadain1976 View Post
They may or may not covet him that much but it would be what the offer was. As far as McKenzie goes he stated both on twitter and mentioned on air that the offer was a 1st and a top prospect (later it was generally agree to from both side it was connelly) so yeah i can use that as a measuring stick.

As far as hickey goes it makes it even more important la sticks to there guns and get the frist. This team is giving up alot of young talent and not getting it true value ie purcell molson boyle etc
McKenzie did not state the offer was a 1st and Connolly... I know he stated that he thinks TB will trade for Bernier, and people speculated from there... and by people, I mean no one of credibility.

Case in point:

My whole issue is that you put a value on JB, but in reality I doubt that is the value Lombardi puts on him. My only evidence is to compare his value to his peers. Varlamov got a first and a second, but Varlamov had accomplished more at the time of his trade and was considered by most hockey pundits as the better goalie.

Again, I get your point that LA doesn't have to trade him and that it would take a significant return for DL to consider it. My issue is that what you feel the return should be is simply unrealistic at best, and that no GM will pay that price to acquire him for that. You'd be waiting til Bernier hits free agency for an offer like that.

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