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When I talk about stats, I talk a lot about usage. Usage is important because it puts accomplishments in perspective; someone who does ok with easy minutes may not necessarily be better than someone who does poorly under tougher minutes.

The two main stats that people use is Quality of Competition (QoC) and Offensive Zone Starts (OZS%).
QoC: as it names sounds it's a measurement showing the level of players you are facing; there are 4 different ways to measure QoC usually by Relative Corsi (Corsi relative to team's average), Corsi (+/- that includes shots, narrowly missed shots and blocked shots, which estimates possession time), +/- (not really used for QoC anymore) and TOI of the opponents ;the higher the number is the tougher the competition
OZS: just the percentage of times a person starts their in the offensive zone; it's been shown that changing this (and QoC) will affect players Corsi and scoring production; the more offensively you are pushed the easier your minutes

Here is a Player Usage Chart by Rob Volman (of Hockey Prospectus, ESPN, and Arctic Ice Hockey):

It is a visual representation of the two stats above. The circles are the players Corsi where the size means a larger number, positive is blue and negative is white or empty.
The top right players are your two-way guys, top left are your defensive guys, and bottom right are your sheltered scoring guys (this is by usage, not skill sets).

For those who don't like the #fancystats Eric T. (of did competition levels based on the TOI of the opponents and split the D from the F:

It's interesting to see:
*GST faced the toughest forwards, then LLW, so that Kane's line can be sheltered
*Even with Kane's line being sheltered from tough forwards, the other team still lined up their better defensemen more often than GST/Stapleton's-Line
*GST, Miettinen and Stapleton were not considered major threats by the other team as they never saw tough D

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