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01-16-2013, 12:15 AM
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Originally Posted by SLURVE View Post
His cap hit is not a major issue now as the Oilers do not have a cap problem esp with an artifical cap ceiling at that. Buying him out now would still count against the cap. Khabby's semi big contract is over after this season which would further reduce the future cap pressure. Horc's salary decreases to 4 mil (2014) and 3 mil (2015) which makes it easier to accept as a 3rd liner with pp time and crucial faceoffs as well as a leader. He is a true captain and a fine one. Why do you think they let Moreau and Staios go? Horcoff provides the better chemistry and respect. Losing him now does more "harm" to your dressing room and team chemisty.

The kids are still too young to take the load and demands of a team captain. If Horc's salary was 3 million now, none of us would be crying. Should others blame your boss or you for overpaying (you)? Last time I checked, the Oilers still has Horc as their captain going forward. Obviously, the team must know something that he is worth keeping along with all his other intangibles and assets more than we (?).
The way I read the information about the "accelerated contracts" is that they can buy out the players now under their compliance buyout that will be available this summer. The cap hit for this season will still apply but next season it will disappear. All this does is allows the player to sign another deal for this year so he doesn't have to sit at home all year, or half of the year, or what ever...

His actual salary has no bearing on the argument what so ever, why are you bringing it up? The only people who should give a flying fart about his salary are Katz and Horcoff, and maybe Horcoffs family. His Cap hit is all that effects Tambilini and the Oilers. the only situation where it comes into play is if you try to trade him to a team who needs artificial cap dollars, that is all.

As for when they buy him out, I don't think now is the time. The Oilers don't have anyone who can fill in the 4th line center roll. Belanger can fill the 3rd line roll, but I don't see anyone filling the 4th line roll. In my opinion Horcoff can fill a 3rd line roll just fine for this year. And for this season the Oilers have lots of room in cap space to fit him in. Next season might not be as cozy for him, looking at it harder it might get tight with an extra 5.5Mil attached to your 3rd liner. it can probably be done, but if the Oilers have a good year and make the playoffs you are probably going to want to go into the off season with intentions of making this team better, Horcoffs 5.5Mil will hinder that.

Horcoff could probably play out his contract as a 3rd/4th line center and be servicable, but his contract will hurt the team. that money can be spent much better elsewhere.

This season is fine, next season gets tight, and 2014/15 is a must buy out situation.

No arguments about him being a fine captain, but he should not get PP time. I'd much rather have Belanger on the PP to win draws. Horcoff isn't terrible at draws, especially at home, but he's not what he once was.

The oilers haven't had a decent chance to get rid of him. No team will take him in a trade, there has been no reasonable time to buy him out either. We will see this summer and next if the team really thinks his intangibles are worth 5.5Mil.

I would say you have drank too much Horcoff juice.

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