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01-16-2013, 12:33 AM
It's gotta be true.
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Originally Posted by nosoup View Post
You seem a little touchy there dickie, I don't know if you were directing the "venom" and "give your head a shake" comments at me, but I actually like WEHP and appreciate what he does. But if you're going to put rankings out there they are going to be critiqued, learn to live with that.

You're right there is pretty good parity in the Saskatoon league, I wonder what the criteria were for selecting maniacs as the 5th best team in the province after a 3-3 tie in their only regular season game at that point?

I heard that one of the Saskatoon teams got beat by a tier 2 team 8-3 or something like that, thats gotta sting a bit...
Hey Nosoup,

Apologies. Didn't mean to send any venom your way. The first paragraph was directed to you but the last two were more a response to some posts here and at other sites (including the WEHP). Seriously, I don't know what it is about bantam hockey that causes so many to become unhinged. Criticism is one thing but some of the things being said are just dumb.

As for the criteria for picking the Maniacs that early, I can't say. Losing the top 3 forwards to other leagues, combined with a shallow 98 pool, should have been a tip-off that no Saskatoon team would likely be top-5 in the province. Then again, the GSHL has been strong for the last couple of years, so maybe WEHP thought that trend would continue. Or maybe the team rankings are a means to create traffic for the site? Who knows? Ultimately, I really only care about the player rankings. I've never sensed any kind of "pay for play" with the site and for the most part I find them interesting and fairly informative, which given their limited resources and the nature of bantam hockey, is about all I expect.

8-3, eh? Ouch. Didn't hear about that. I suspect that will change next year.

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