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Originally Posted by Bring Back Scuderi View Post
Sykora and Robinson are the two best players on our lines. Sykora is overqualified for this level, whereas Robinson is merely very good to elite. Both will have to be dealt with or they will certainly produce in this series.

Gee has excellent VS2 scores for an 06 guy, but I think Reichel still claims an edge. He wasn't great in the playoffs, but I think his international career helps put him ahead here. Reichel doesn't distance himself from Gee in the Vs #2 scores as much as I'd like, but like Guidolin and Adams I think the modern player who played a bigger part in his team's scoring is more valuable.

I mentioned Reichel had a decent defensive game for a scorer last thread, but Gee's defense is far more notable. I think he and McEachern probably have the best checking skills of our top sixers.

Adams and Guidolin round our lines out, and I think Adams has an edge. His VS2 scores are the weakest of any post-expansion member of our top sixers, but he has great longevity and like Guidolin does more than just score. I don't think he's as tough or fearsome as Guidolin, but his team scoring placements are definitely flattering.

I think these lines are pretty evenly matched, but I'd give Regina an edge with Sykora who seems to be in a position to succeed with these hardworking types by his side.
I think that was fair. Only thing I would disagree with is your statement that Robinson is your best player. I think Reichel is clearly better.

Adams and Guidolin are quite similar. The difference between Sykora and Robertson is also pretty close to the difference between Reichel and Gee. In a regular season match-up, I think both sides would have a hard time claiming much of an advantage.

This being a play-off series, however, I think the play-off abilities of Petr Sykora and Robert Reichel, who are the engines of their respective lines, are going to create a gap. Reichel's international record somewhat saves his play-off resume, but it's still below average. Sylora's play-off record, on the other hand, is likely the strongest in this draft.

Adams, Gee, Guidolin, and Robinson all have on-and-off years in the play-offs, and I don't think their play-off performances will be significantly different than their regular season.

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