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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Tyler Myers was a healthy scratch. Brainfarts will happen when dealing with young players, it doesn't mean they're not #1. Markov in his career year lead our team with over 100 giveaways. Here's the thing, the more your on the ice, the more you play versus tougher opponents, the more you like to do offensive plays, then the more you will make those mistakes. And if you recall correctly, not everybody agreed with the scratching.
Also, Gionta wasn't worth 5M for 5years. Cole wasn't worth 4.5 for 4 years. Not at their ages. One can argue Markov wasn't worth 5.75M for 3 years after suffering his injuries, actually many were against it (I was for it). Gorges is not worth 3.9M for 6years. Price certainly didn't show he was worth 6.5M starting next year based on his previous play. Prust is not worth 2.5M, especially not over 4years.
So, PK isn't worth more than 4.5M to you, today. Fine. You'll find that about half the team isn't really worth what they got as a contract.

Point isn't what he's worth or not according to us. Point is more if he's worth risking overpaying him. The answer is an undoubtedly yes. Just like Price isn't really worth making just 500K less than the best goaltender in the NHL next year, but he's well worth risking it. He might very well end up earning it, and the same can be said of PK at a 5.5-6M deal.

PK absolutely defaulted as our #1. Markov went down, and PK came in to replace him. He did an amazing job. PK is absolutely a #1 D in this league. He is a top 30 D.
He plays the toughest minutes, on the top pairing playing the most, he's on the top unit on the PP, PK and ES, and is effective in all situations. Not only can he blast the puck, but he can also pass, he can protect the puck well, is strong on his skates with amazing skating skills, he can stickhandle very well for a defenseman, his vision is good, he is also strong defensively, he can defend well, block shots and also brings a physical edge that is lacking on our D squad. The kid is already a top 30 in the league. I can't believe I actually have to explain this...

Also, I never said PK will become a superstar, I said that was his ceiling. You're gonna disagree with that? And no, it's not at all the same situation. Markov is a question mark because he played 73 games over the last 3 years in the NHL, 53 of them came 2 years ago. So, nobody is doubting the skills of Markov, if he gets back to form, he'll have a great impact as he always did. The question mark comes from whether or not his injuries will have set him back too much for him to get back to where he was.
For PK, it has nothing to do with injuries. He is a 23yo that has seen his development grow incredibly over the past few years. His ceiling is superstardom, and after two years only, he's done a tremendous job all things considered. There's no reason to doubt he won't keep improving. Why would you?
Same cannot be said of Markov, anybody can make a strong case now that Markov won't get back to form, and there's not much you'll have to counter it. Just like there's no reason for anybody to think PK won't keep improving.
Hunches don't mean crap unfortunately.
Great post man, completely agree with you!

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