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01-16-2013, 01:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Prairie Habs View Post
Okposo's stats:

Bourque's stats:

I`ll give you the fact that Okposo is younger and more valuable, not arguing that, what I`m saying is for all intents and purposes he isn`t an upgrade over Bourque. Okposo`s career year last year is beaten by 2 of Bourque`s last three years. Why would Montreal spend assets to bring in a player that is comparable to a player we already have so that we then must find something to do with said current player? Just poor asset management.

Sorry for the wave of logic, continue blindly bashing without thinking on the subject
Okposo was also 3 points shy of doubling Bourque's points last year, on top of being 7 years younger. Most logical conclusions would expect Okposo to outproduce Bourque this season. But hey, if that logic doesn't work for you, you can continue to bash it all you like.

If you prefer Bourque to Okposo, that's fine. But when Bouque was closer to the seasons you are quoting his value at, he was singificantly older than Okposo is, and the Habs gave up Cammalleri to get him. I don't see why the Islanders would be expected to trade Okposo for less. Especially when you consider that the Islanders have zero motivation to move Okposo unless convinced otherwise by an offer.

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