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01-16-2013, 01:45 AM
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Tell me where I am off in my assessment of other teams:

Anaheim. Bruce Boudreau will have them doing a run and gun style. Unfortunately, we are going to see this fail, and i don't have a lot of confidence in their blue line. Hiller was already wishy washy in net for them last season, and I suspect that he will be again. Verdict: Not in.
Calgary Flames. Nuff said. Aging Iginla. Kipper can't stand on his head, and... who else is on that roster? Verdict: Not in.
Chicago. Corey Crawford. Yeah, lol. If Keith can't always double shift. Their forwards were relatively easy to shut down the last couple of post seasons. 50/50 shot of a low seed.
Avalanche. The Avs worry me a bit. They are a good up and coming young team. But... They are also coached by someone only slightly better than #FireToddRichards 40/60 shot at a low seed.
CoLOLmbus. Not In.
Stars. This years stars roster could either fail miserably and take the Central. Verdict; 50/50 shot at being either a top seed #4 or being #9.
Detroit. Aging roster, Jimmy Howard in net. No lidstrom. no holmstrom. datsyuk has been injury prone the last two seasons. Verdict; easily on the 8/9/10 bubble.
Oilers. For some reason, I just don't see the optimism around the Oil. Their talent hasn't gelled much down in OKC which you would have was the case. Verdict, yet another mediocre year and missing the play offs.
Kings. The team that got them into the playoffs last year will see them pretty much dominate the Pacific. Verdict; In
Predators. Rinne will be their savior, but I have to agree with a lot of pundits that say Weber won't be as good without Suter. Verdict; Bubble team.
Phoenix. Meh. Not worth talking about at this point. They can trap their way into the bubble area, but I think they lost too many keys this season. Bubble team but more like they are out.
San Jose. What has San Jose done to improve? Not much. This time around, i say the slip and are out. Verdict; Out.
Blues. #1 in the west.
Vancouver. Already being hit by big injuries to big guys. i don't see them as the shoe in for the NW. I actually see them weaker on D than the Wild are right now. I may even be really hard on them about Kesler and Booth being out and very little depth to cover. Verdict. Bubble Team.

Minnesota. They are going to come out of the blocks with chemistry having been built already. one of the few teams that had a lot of their players local and that they were skating together every other day. this will help. blue line is still suspect, but if the good falk and good prosser show up like they did at the beginning of last season?

Verdict. The Wild will realistically be fighting with Colorado for the NW division lead.

My hope is that they come in at #2 in the West, since LA does tend to inconsistently crap the bed sometimes.

Realistically? #4 seed.

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