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01-16-2013, 01:50 AM
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My dear Isles fans:

Vis does not play anymore, Khl is going to honour the agreement with the Nhl. Until the end of June. What happens then...?
I think Vis became a good pawn for the Khl to scout the situation how far it could go...
And those personal reasons, well nobody really knows. It indeed could be his family. They were living in California and were used to living there. Then he was offered an extension with NTC but according to the old CBA the new contract and its clauses were to become valid once the old contract would be over. So he signed and Lombardi assured him that LAK wanted him to stay. So they bought a house in LA probably planning to stay there for good. Hours before the new contract validity he became traded to the northest NHL city: EDM. I bet he must have been furious. He asked for trade in EDM and got it - back to Cali to ANA. But, according to the old CBA, if a player asks for a trade and gets it, his NTC is voided. The acquiring club may as well as may not agree with NTC, thus making the NTC a POS. Vis negotiated something he in fact never got. So, he became traded to NYI, though he wanted to stay in Cali. He went to arbitration, which, according to the sh*tty CBA, he lost. Then came the lockout. He knew he could not stay in Cali and moved his family back home. He is beloved here.
So the whole issue has nothing to do with the Isles, he wanted to stay in Cali, where he was twice "legally" defrauded. The whole world outside the NA hoped the NHL would not have started this season, even better if several seasons. But, money decided and they made a new CBA. Even though they were spitting on you, the fans, for 4 months. I am not surprised Vis does not want to go to NA again. His situation is quite specific maybe that is the reason why he is the only one trying to avoid travelling there. These are the circumstances that might play their role and this list of things may not be complete. I think the situation is very complex and problematic for Vis himself. And I can somehow feel his retiring...

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