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01-16-2013, 02:32 AM
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tried the PTR for a bit tonight ...just played the pvp for about 2 hours.

its nothing fantastic. there's 1 map and its quite small. Witch Doctor was by far the most over powered character, imo least against my Demon Hunter. melee classes were a bit of a joke ...especially Barbs, but most Monks were nothing to write home about either. Wizards were probably the next best, imo.

from what i've seen so far, the best pvp characters in order are:

Witch Doctor
Demon Hunter (Wiz and Demon Hunter are pretty close really ...could be a draw)

gets kinda boring fairly quick to be honest. its just a 4 player free for all. Diablo 2 pvp was definitely more enjoyable (was like 8 players and you could team up in parties, areas were much bigger, etc ...was just a lot better)

we'll see where this goes from here, tho. there may be hope yet.

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