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I feel like this has to be divided between Original and Expansion. The Original teams, obviously, are in a class of their own. Detroit is Detroit. New York is just huge. Boston is major as well.

I know I'll sound biased, but I rank Philly first among expansion teams. Their consistent success since the 70s is nothing to sneeze at, and they were the first expansion team to take the Cup away from the Original Six and are consistent top contenders. After Philly, I think importance depends on time period. I think claiming LA is the most important in NHL history is extreme, but right now they have a chance to become a major cog in the NHL machine. 12ish years ago, Buffalo was high on the totem pole. A good amount of kids in my southern area were talking about Hasek in the playoffs at that time, and I think it got them introduced/hooked; they're Caps fans now. Would they be fans today if they didn't see that performance?

Edit: And to stretch the framework of the question, the current most important American team for the NHL might be the US Olympic team. I saw a huge surge in interest during their run, and a lot of those people are now NHL fans. I only managed to turn one of them into a Philly fan

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