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01-16-2013, 03:19 AM
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Started playing Skyrim again. I have now finished the main storyline. As always, the main story line in Skyrim is week, and the final boss fight was really disopointing. The fight was easy. Despite me using that damn storm weather shout accidently at the begining of the fight, i could stand there for 200+ seconds untill it cooled down with no problem. I just used heal (the first healing spell, with only 100 mana) and he never even got close to kill me. When i used Dragonrend, my attack, with my sword, took like a 1 cm of his healthbar It was sooo easy. The game has been seriously dumbed down. Still love it tho, but there is no challange when you are level 30+. Everything is so easy.

So now i am trying to get all the trophies. The game got stuck at loading screen forever so i turned it off and did not play it for two days. Tried it again yesterday, and after i finished the quest "A daedra's best friend", the game froze
Two serious issues i never had before. And right after i finished the main story.

After spending so many hours in this game, i feel like the next TES MUST have:

1. A new magic system.
The magic sucks, it is just like all the other games before Skyrim. It becomes boring and old quick. A new magic system with more elements (Water, wind, time, arcane etc), 100+ new spells, better use for magic and maybe even an option to craft our own spells, like in magica.

2. A more complex weapon and armor system.
A weapon system similar to Diablo/Borderlands. Bring back what Morrorwinds armorsystem where we could have two diffrent gloves etc.

3. Bosses
The game does not have many bosses, and the bosses are just regular fiends but with more power. Give us more cool bosses!

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