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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
The midpoint escalator is still in place.
When the CBA was struck,Mirtle tweeted the 5% was still there. No else has reported that.

The MOU discusses how the range will be computed. Formula utilized in the expired CBA. Before the CBA was struck,the NHL didn't want to give the 5% bump. In previous NHL proposals,the NHL didn't include the 5% and mentioned the range will be computed with the existing methodology. Considering how the CBA went down,Bettman probably folded on that. The NHL was willing to use % if revenue reached a certain figure.

Beginning in 2014/15, and on a going forward basis, the Payroll Range will be calculated as follows:
a) The Midpoint will be calculated in accordance with the formula utilized in the expired CBA,
including with respect to the year-over-year growth factor and using 50% as the applicable
Players’ Share.
b) The Upper and Lower Limits will be determined as follows:
• Upper Limit: +15% of the Adjusted Midpoint
• Lower Limit: -15% of the Adjusted Midpoint
• Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Upper Limit shall never fall below $64.3M during the
term of this Agreement and the magnitude of the Payroll Range shall never fall below
$16 million and never rise above $28 million (from Lower Limit to Upper Limit).

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