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01-16-2013, 07:22 AM
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Easton Synergy EQ20 Skates

I had some nice CCM 325(?) Super Tacks with the Pro-Lite 3 Blade Holders and used them for about 50 skate sessions. The front section of the blade holder cracked and broke some pieces off – DANG! I now see the Pro-Lite 3 blade holders are pretty notorious for breaking pretty easily. I really liked the skates up until then. The blade holders were about $25 per side and I was worried they would snap again so I bought a new pair of skates.

I tired on several mid entry-level skates including the Bauer Vapors (2,3 and 4) and thought they were the most uncomfortable skate for my foot shape. I then decided to try some Easton Synergy EQ20’s and fell in love! Talk about comfort!

They were a $125 (ish) skate on sale for $70. Most places seem to offer this price. Anyhow, for my needs they are fine. I only have about 5 sessions on them and I am still getting used to them. First time out was a bit tough since I came to know where I could “push” my old skates and where they would support me. Tried the same sharp turns and pivots on these new skates and got tripped up a bit. Also not sure how good the 19 year old skate sharpening guru was at putting the initial edge on these.

Comfort and fit is still really good. They do seem to offer a bit more “shallow” boot. Not sure what I think of this. I like the tongue. Nicely padded and has a surface that keeps the laces snug while lacing up the skates.

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