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01-16-2013, 09:13 AM
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[QUOTE=dickiedunnwrotethis;57648897]The Maniacs are 5th in a 6 team league. Of course, this is a league where the first and last teams are separated by a grand total of 5 points. The Maniacs have also played only one game this year with their complete roster and since the PA tournament have been down 3-5 players for every game (including having lost their #1 goalie during the Christmas break for 4-6 weeks).

And this is why I think WEHP is a little off, you've defended the maniacs for there inability to compete and win because of circumstances that don't get written on game sheets, or end up in boxscores and that is were Mr. neisz pulls his info from. He writes blogs on teams and players by watching the sbaahl web site browsing the box scores. Sorry but thats not reporting thats copying, yes copy the score but making comments about players when you werent there to it! Cause if you get it wrong then you have people like me saying "thats not the way it happened". And thats how I believe this gentleman comes up with some of his rankings.

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