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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
To my knowledge Lauridsen has never played on the Flyers

Heeter has actually gotten progressively better to the point that he has posted respectable numbers so far considering the fact that he is in his 1st pro yr and plays on one of the worst teams in the league. Boosh going down is more for the insurance of the big club imo. in fact last i heard they were going to continue to carry Munroe and Heeter in addition to Boucher. Though I think down the stretch we can expect to see Heeter and Boucher splitting the majority of the games since Munroe is a career AHLer and is signed to a minor league contract and can therefore not be called up to the Flyers in case of an injury.
Heeter's play has definitely improved quite a bit since the beginning of the season. His numbers are comparable to Munroe's at this point.

This being said I do not think that carrying 3 goalies is a good situation for any of them, but mainly for Heeter. IMO it would be best to carry Boucher and Munroe on the Phantoms and send Heeter down to Trenton to share the net with Hovinen (since the Flyers are the Titans ECHL parent club I believe that can tell the Devils that they must find another home for Wedgewood).

There are 2 benefits to this. The first is that Heeter gets the necessary reps at practice and can be the Titans starter. The second is that if the Flyers need a goalie in an emergency situation and Boucher can't make it down to Philly in a timely manner, Heeter is local and can be recalled (preferable over recalling Hovinen). is offline