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Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
Right. Making him as mad as possible is the best way to get him to return to the NHL.

Wouldn't he be more likely to return, and perhaps agree to play an entire season with the Isles, if the Isles agreed to meet him halfway in his current difficult situation?
Who are you kidding?

With the KHL back away from supporting Vis' decision, he's folding like a cheap suit.

We've gone from repeated comments that he won't report, to him saying he will be joining the isles, but needs 2-3 weeks for his ill son and oh, can he play for his KHL team for those 2-3 weeks?

Vis is not changing his tune because he suddenly realizes he has a valid NHL contract. He's changing his tune because the Russians, are not getting into a major contract dispute with the NHL, 1 yr before the Olympics, over 36 yr old Vis.

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