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Originally Posted by apadilla View Post
playoff hockey is not the same as in the regular season in the sense neither team wants to take bad penalties. but in the regular season, the same conduct does not always apply. wasn't it just 2 or 3 years ago Doughty was run at, and Lombardy went ape **** because no one stood up and got revenge on the runner.

when the likes of the kassians of the league want to duke it out with the kings to change the pace of a regular season game, we have to then be prepared for concussions, and down time for our brave and willing combatants.

this is the primary reason the team needs someone, and not someone to dress every game, just when the team is facing cementheads.
2 years ago would be I assume 2009-2010 season.

Ivanans WAS on that team. Who wasn't on that team was Mike Richards, Willie Mitchell, Kyle Clifford, Jordan Nolan and Dwight King, all of whom are more than capable of jumping in and defending a teammate. They may get their ass kicked for doing it, but fighting to stick up for a teammate is much more about demonstrating a willingness to stick up for a teammate than it is who wins the fight.

Just showing Drew that you'll stand up for him sends a much bigger message through the locker room, just like when you don't it sends a very negative message out. THAT'S likely what Deano was pissed about. You guys are supposed to be like a family. A family doesn't let one of its own get slammed into the boards and does nothing about it.

Honestly, it likely sends more of a message to the team to see a Jordan Nolan or a Kyle Clifford or even a Mike Richards grab a Kassian and fight him than it does a goon like Ivanans. Nolan, Clifford and Richards are here to play hockey, fighting is secondary (or less) for them. They don't HAVE to fight to keep a job. So that speaks volumes when they do something they don't have to, putting themselves in harms way as well, to defend a teammates honor.

Ivanans and the rest of the goons HAVE to fight. If they don't, they'll be out of an NHL job and the millions of dollars and perks that go with it. Big difference in terms of the message.

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