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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
The teams ONLY OBLIGATION under the terms of the agreement is to pay the players. THAT'S IT. If they are honoring that obligation, they can do what they feel is in the best interest of the team.
That's far too simply. The CBA would be about 2 pages and a player contract about a paragraph if you think it's as simple as that.

The facts are a player is required, under his contract, to remain fit. Skills may diminish and talent disappear but there is a minimum physical condition a player has to meet if he wants his contract honoured or to receive an NHL contract. In fact it's one of the few ways a contract can be terminated and not just get the player fined.

A club would never be able to impede a player from reasonably staying fit as it's required under his contract to do so. A player signing a contract also agrees to report to practices at reasonable times and places. The NHLPA would only have to argue that requires the Club to present reasonable practices for Gomez and the arbitrator would agree.

Otherwise, what's stopping an NHL team sending Underachieving-bloated-contract-player-X home. Prevent him from doing more or less any physical conditioning to stay in shape (the players agree no sports outside hockey etc.) and then have him come back a 2 months later out of shape and terminating his contract?

It's a moot point because the NHL clearly knew they wouldn't win and agreed to give Scott and Wade their money now.

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