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01-16-2013, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by CaptainCally View Post
I know that this is a little bit off topic but why didn't Montreal sign Jagr? He has said it himself, that he wanted to play for Montreal (he said it when he was asked, after he signed for Dallas). 1 year of $4.5M ain't that bad. Montreal got around $9M to spend. Plekanec and Jagr are great friends. They are both from Kladno, and they have some crazy chemistry together. Both in the national team and in the Czech league this lockout.

Stats from both players when they played for Kladno:

Plekanec: 32 GP, 21+25, 46 points

Jagr: 34 GP, 24+33, 57 points.

I think that Jagr would have been great on Pleks wing. Great friends and as I said, their chemistry on the ice is extremely good.

And it would be nice for the fans seeing Jagr for his possibly last NHL season playing in Montreal. The man is a legend.

So why didn't Bergevin sign him ? Thanks.
Jagr at 4.5 M means you have less than 3 M to sign Subban, which obviously isn't going to get a deal done since it's 8.3 M of room and you need to keep a cushion of around 800 K-1 M for injuries.

I really want to know who the coaching staff plans to play against the other team's big guns with their current line and pairings configurations, because I don't see it. Can our small village of media folks covering the team grow a pair and ask that question today?

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