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Originally Posted by MacOfNiagara View Post
Yikes. Who is doing the audio for these reports. I thought the first day was just a bad day, but now subsequent reports are just as bad. Almost unintelligible.
Originally Posted by gregor View Post
Agreed. Not sure what's going on but audio is dog poo every day.
Tweet Kevin Snow about it. He's pretty proactive and would likely look into the issue, if he hasn't already.

Originally Posted by shaner89 View Post
Hey guys, Leaf fan here. Ya i know, sucks. lol

Just curious as to how Brennen is playing and his chances at making the team? The kid is having a monster year in the AHL.

Originally Posted by Rob Paxon View Post
His chances aren't great in that we have 9 guys on defense who are legitimate NHL players, as well as 3 extra forwards (assuming Grigorenko stays). I do think the team will carry 2 defensemen. One of the main things in favor of keeping him (rather, not reassigning him) is that he would almost certainly not pass waivers. Comments from the GM indicate they'd prefer to trade defensemen rather than expose them to waivers. So on that front, Brennan's chances to either stick or be traded are perhaps elevated.

Evaluating strictly from his play, I think he has a decent chance of staying but there are strong arguments in favor and against the bubble players: Pardy, Weber, Brennan. Sulzer can also be considered a bubble player but he has the inside track to start the season as the 6th defenseman considering his chemistry and current pairing with Ehrhoff and the fact they liked his play after the deadline trade enough to re-up him to a decent contract this offseason.
RP summed it up pretty well. For now, I'd just keep on eye on what Buffalo does on the blueline. If they trade one of Weber or Pardy, they're likely keeping Brennan on the roster. The same is true if they try to send down Pardy and he clears or is plucked off waivers.

Brennan, if he sticks in Buffalo, will almost certainly be in the press box more times than not in the early going. Sulzer has the inside track on the #6 spot, as RP stated. But there may be instances where Ruff plays seven defensemen and uses Brennan almost exclusively on the PP and for offensive-zone starts. If he performs early, he may have an opportunity to get playing time, and I'd have to imagine he could put up a few points.

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